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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Maine State Mandala

I have created a mandala for the state of Maine which uses official state bird, animal, and so on. This is the first of what will be 50 mandalas for all the states. I am starting with Maine and will do Arizona next, and branch out from there. I will animate this design next. I can also customize it for people to include something someone feels I have left out. I want to create a series, so that people will be able to collect one for every state they have visited. ****************************************************************************************************************** Starting from the center, the symbols are the pine cone and tassel as the state flower. The chickadee as the state bird. The sea gull which is not an official symbol, but to think of Maine without associating these coastal birds is impossible. A cooked lobster which had to be included as Maine is famous for it's seafood. The landlocked salmon is the official state fish. Maine has long been known as the pine tree state. Maine also has the best blueberries in the world, and I included a daisy to represent the many wildflowers found here. The officilal state motto is Dirigo which is Latin for I lead. On the same ring is a cluster of tourmaline gems which is the state gemstone. Continuing out, is a stream surrounded by fall foliage. I think one thing that makes our fall colors so spectacular is that often the reds, oranges, and yellows of the deciduous trees are contrasted against the deep greens of the conifers. On the same ring is pictured a down hill skier, as Maine is a great state for winter sports. The next ring of text shows the state slogan declaring that life here is the way it should be. People come here from all over the country and world to see the spectacular scenery, enjoy the ocean, and to decompress from city life. We especially serve the people from the big cities of Boston and New York. The next ring shows an ocean surf scene as seen at Schoodic Point. It has to be one of the most beautiful spots in the whole country. Also shown is Mt Katahdin which is the tallest mountain in the state, and the head of the Appalachian Trail. Working out to the edge, is the moose, which is the official state animal. The black bear is shown with the moose. While it is not an official state symbol, it represents the rugged wild habitats which our geography provides. It is also the mascot for the University of Maine at Orono. Between the moose and bear is a tall white pine which is the state tree. Above the moose is the loon. What the seagull is to the coast, the loon is to our many lakes and ponds. Next to the bear is one of the many picturesque lighthouses which dot our shoreline. Next to that is a lobster boat. Above the boat is a canoe. I did this digital painting from a photo of a couple of participants in the spring Kenduskeag Stream race. Also on this ring is a pair of lobster buoys and a cluster of Maine grown potatoes. The outer ring of text declares that Maine is known as Vacationland. ******************************************************************************************************************* I will be posting this design on Zazzle on various products including posters, postcards, greeting cards, t shirts, mugs, plates, and more. I will start another blog to show the whole series of states, and will eventually create another Zazzle store for that purpose, but for now; just go to Mainely Mandalas blog or Zazzle category. As always, feedback is welcome.

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